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Headshot of Candice Delmas

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Political Science

Candice Delmas (the ‘s’ in Delmas is pronounced) is an associate professor of philosophy and political science at Northeastern University, and the associate director of the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Program. She served as a Dworkin-Balzan Fellow at New York University School of Law in 2016-2017. Before joining Northeastern, Delmas was an assistant professor of philosophy at Clemson University. She received a Ph.D. in philosophy from Boston University, an M.A. in philosophy from Georgia State University, a Master 2 in ethics and politics from Université Paris IV Sorbonne, and a B.A. (Licence and Maîtrise) from Université Paris X Nanterre. Her work in moral, social, political, and legal philosophy has appeared in many academic venues. Her book, A Duty to Resist: When Disobedience Should Be Uncivil, was published by Oxford University Press in 2018 and released in paperback with a new preface in 2020. She is currently researching the ethics of hunger strike.

2020. “From Resistance to Protest: The Paradigm Shift in Theories of Civil Disobedience,” in “Theorizing the Politics of Protest: Contemporary Debates on Civil Disobedience,” withÇigdem Çıdam, William E. Scheuerman, Robin Celikates et al.,Contemporary Political Theory

2020.”Uncivil Disobedience,” NOMOS LXII: Protest and Dissent, ed. Melissa Schwartzberg, New York University Press (2020): 9-44.

2019. “Civil Disobedience, Punishment, and Injustice,” in ThePalgrave Handbook of Applied Ethics and the Criminal Law, Kimberley Kessler Ferzan and Larry Alexander (eds.), Palgrave MacMillan: 167-188.

2018. “Désobéissance civile et dénonciation gouvernementale: Le cas d’Edward Snowden,” Éthique Publique 20, 2.

2018. “Is Hacktivism the New Civil Disobedience?” Raisons Politiques 69, 1: 63-81.

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    Ph.D., 2012, Philosophy, Boston University

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    406 Renaissance Park
    360 Huntington Avenue,
    Boston, MA 02115

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