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Mindy Marks

Associate Professor of Economics

Mindy Marks conducts research in applied microeconomics with an emphasis on labor, health, and education topics. Her projects to date involve large-scale empirical evaluations that use careful statistical analysis to determine underlying causal relationships. Current research interests include the impact of occupational licensing laws on labor markets, the relationship between academic time use in college and future earnings and the impact of adverse weather events on health. Her work has been published in the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of Human Resources, the Journal of Law and Economics, and other outlets.

Prior to joining the Northeastern economics faculty, Professor Marks was an associate professor in the Department of Economics at the University of California-Riverside. She earned her PhD in economics from Washington University in St. Louis.

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Journal Publications

The impact of scope-of-practice restrictions on access to medical care” with Angela Kilby and Jianpei Gao Journal of Health Economics, March 2024

“Did Early Twentieth Century Alcohol Prohibition Affect Mortality?” with Marc Law Economics Inquiry posted online -Nov 2019 in print 2020, 58(2), 680-697. Latest working paper version available as SSRN Working Paper No. 3276349.

“Baby Boomlets and Baby Health: Hospital Crowdedness, Treatment Intensity, and Infant Health” with M.(Kate) Choi American Journal of Health Economics 2019, 5(3), 376-406.

“The Labor Market Effects of Occupational Licensing Laws in Nursing” with Marc Law Industrial Relations 2017, 56(4), 640-661.

Working Papers

“The Wage Penalty for Motherhood in Developing Countries” with Jorge Aguero and Neha Raykar

“Did Early Prohibition Matter? ” with Marc Law

“Fertility Challenges and Marital Dissolution” with Neha Agarwal

 “The Spillover Effects of Health Insurance on the Household: Evidence from Vietnam” with Anaka Aiyar

“Can Water Policy Mitigate the Impacts of Adverse Weather Events on Human Health?” with Kurt Schwabe and Bruce Link

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