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Visiting Lecturer

Rima Farah’s areas of specialization are political and cultural histories of modern Israel and the contemporary Middle East, with an emphasis on the ethnic and national identities of minorities and their political thought. She studies ethnic and political conflicts within Israel, and between Israel and the states in the region. She analyzed the connection between ethnic conflicts within Israel and regional conflicts in her article on the Arabic-speaking Christians in Israel, “The Rise of a Christian Aramaic Nationality in Israel,” published in Israel Studies, as well as in her dissertation, which she completed at Brandeis University, titled, “The Predicament of the National Identity of Arabic Speaking Christians in Israel: 1982-2014.” Farah’s field of specialty also includes a study about teaching Hebrew culture in Israel and the United States. Currently, she is writing an article about the role of the “other” in the development of Israeli culture and in teaching about Hebrew culture, which will be published with a collection of articles in a book by The Consortium for the Teaching of Hebrew Language and Culture, and the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis University. Farah is fluent in Hebrew, Arabic, and English, and she has good knowledge of French.