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Geneva is the hub of world politics and Northeastern students are there learning how negotiations happen on a global scale

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Photo of the 2023 “Dialogue of Civilizations: Geneva

Denise Garcia spent years living and studying in Geneva. As a professor of political science and international affairs, much of her research is also focused there. So it only made sense when she joined Northeastern University’s faculty in 2006 that she found a way to go back with students in tow.

Garcia started a Dialogue: “United Nations in Geneva” the year after she began teaching at the university. The course brings students to the hub of world politics for a month where they meet with diplomats, U.N. personnel, and other international organizations and get a glimpse of how global issues are resolved.

The Dialogue has brought students to Geneva every year since 2007 (with the exception of 2020 and 2021 when the pandemic prevented international travel), making it the longest continuously running Dialogue of Civilizations course at Northeastern. This past summer marked the 15th time Garcia has run the course.

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