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House GOP impeachment vote tests Biden’s support with influential voting bloc

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FILE - President Joe Biden speaks in the State Dining Room of the White House, Oct. 7, 2023, in Washington. Ethical concerns are casting a shadow over Biden as he seeks reelection amid ongoing investigations into his son Hunter Biden and a presidential impeachment inquiry. A new poll shows that 35% of U.S. adults believe the president himself has done something illegal. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)
President Biden speaking at a press conference.

Washington Examiner, December 2023

President Joe Biden‘s family is complicating his path back to the White House, with House Republicans poised to approve an impeachment inquiry into him, his family, and their business dealings.

As much as the White House, the Biden campaign, and Biden push back on the House Republican allegations, with less than a year until the 2024 election, every minute he spends talking about the possibility of impeachment is one less minute he can spend persuading people to vote for him next November.

House Republicans voting Wednesday on whether to formalize their impeachment inquiry into Biden raises questions about the president’s judgment regarding his family and their business dealings, particularly concerning his son Hunter Biden, according to pollster David Paleologos.

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