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How a ‘crazy’ idea became a Boston-wide student theater festival

02/26/19 - BOSTON, MA. - Theatre student Tiffany Yu received a 2019 UGRCE Award to create a new Boston theater festival for diverse students across the region, seen here posing for a portrait on February 26, 2019. Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

Tiffany Jieting Yu had a big idea.

She wanted to start a theater festival for young, emerging playwrights, actors, and directors that wasn’t exclusive to just one institution or college—something that she couldn’t find anyone else doing.

“Is this crazy?” she texted a friend.

“Yes. But DO IT,” came the reply.

That was in November. And now, Yu and a team of friends are just weeks from pulling off her “crazy” idea. The Reground Theatre Festival will take place on Friday, April 12 at Club Café in Boston.

Read the full story on News@Northeastern. 

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