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How pancakes helped explain the effects of the US Embargo on Cuba

Havana, Cuba - March 19, 2015: Cuban boys playing soccer in the streets of old Havana. Old American car parking in the background.

Katrina Haase never expected she’d be so excited to see a carton of eggs.

But when the Northeastern student, a month into her co-op in Cuba, saw someone walking down her street with a dozen and a half eggs, she ran outside to ask where he’d gotten them. She dashed off to the grocery store the man described, and came home with dozens of eggs. After a month without them, it was like striking culinary gold.

“My roommate was so excited when she saw them, and we were dancing and hugging and jumping around because we finally had eggs,” Haase said. A month into their trip and “that was our first real bonding moment,” she said.

Read the full story on News@Northeastern. 

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