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How science changes the way we think, according to 10 leading scientists

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Annelisa Leinbach, Johann Zahn

Big Think, December 2022

Science speaks truth. But it is not a truth that is always easy to see. We live our lives, oblivious to the inner world of bacteria within us. Subatomic particles move in ways that seem magical and counterintuitive. The Universe goes on and on, stretching farther than our minds can comprehend. Somehow, the language of math ties everything together, bringing beauty and symmetry to the spiral of the galaxy and the unfolding of a fern leaf.

This is science to me. It is beautiful, yet it constantly reminds me that while we are part of this world and this Universe, we are observers that are far from all-knowing. There is so much we are learning, but even more that we do not know how to look for — truths hidden from our eyes and our ears, far beyond our experience yet every bit as real as the world we perceive. 

Science has transformed how I see the world, and I wanted to know how it has done so for others. So I took the opportunity to speak to prominent scientists and thinkers in a range of fields to ask them one simple question: How has science changed how you think about the world? This is what they had to say.  

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