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Learning to make a difference in a complex world

What We Do

We prepare students for lives of purpose as citizen-leaders and social change agents by engaging them in experience-centered learning to develop three pillars of ethical and effective social change practice, Ways of Thinking, Ways of Being, Ways of Doing:

Ways of Thinking About Complexity

How can systems thinking enable us to become more effective complex problem solvers?

Ways of Being in Relation to Others

What are the ethical implications of engaging in social change and how can we best center values of social and racial justice in this work?

Ways of Doing to Achieve Impact

How can we identify and collaboratively utilize the full range of strategies, methods, tools, and resources necessary to effect durable social change?

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Rebecca Riccio, Juffali Family Director of the Social Impact Lab, presented the SIL framework Ways of Thinking, Ways of Being, Ways of Doing at the 2018 Ashoka U Exchange.