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In a Houston taqueria, a customer shot and killed a robbery suspect. Were his actions justified?

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Just before midnight on Jan. 5, a masked man entered a taco shop in Houston and began robbing customers of their money at gunpoint. As the robbery suspect was collecting cash, a customer sitting in a booth brandished a gun and shot the man nine times from behind, killing him, according to multiple reports. The customer then retrieved the stolen cash and left the store before police arrived. The incident was captured on surveillance footage that has been circulating online.

Police said the suspect was wielding a fake weapon at the time of the robbery. “He had a plastic pistol, possibly an aero soft or possibly a little BB pistol,” Houston police said. Police are now looking to speak to the customer about the shooting. Could he be in any legal jeopardy, or is this an open-and-shut case of self-defense?

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