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 Inflation, recession, soft landing? Economist has not been “this optimistic about the economy in a long time”

Will we have a recession or a soft landing? Is inflation licked, or will it roar back? Will the housing market thaw?  Economists peering into a crystal ball for 2024 are seeking many answers and—as they often do—are ready to point out many things that could throw a wrench into the United States economy. “Making a bold prediction for the economy is always a hard thing, because economists are usually so dismal,” Northeastern University Labor Economist Alicia Modestino says, laughing. 

But might there be cheer in the new year? “I haven’t been this optimistic about the economy in a long time,” says Nancy Kimelman, assistant teaching professor of economics at Northeastern. “I’m an economist, so I have to come up with something (to be nervous about), but I’m not particularly nervous—we’ve seen a lot worse in the past three to four years.”

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