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This project involves developing a conceptual framework for social justice as it relates to the treatment of persons as seekers, sources, and subjects of information.

Researcher: Kay Mathiesen

This project concerns the use of oversight committees for building AI and data ethics capacity within organizations and society more broadly.

Researchers: Ronald Sandler and John Basl

This project concerns how to approach incorporating ethics into autonomous vehicles and other machine learning systems.

Researcher: John Basl

This project concerns whether and in what ways artificial intelligence could have moral status that requires us to take its interests into consideration.

Researchers: John Basl and Ronald Sandler

This project involves conceptual and epistemological analysis of different forms of disinformation, as well as ethical analysis of possible responses to it.

Researchers: Don Fallis and Kay Mathiesen

This project studies how different approaches to soliciting and aggregating individual preferences can result in different social choice outcomes, with an emphasis on its implications for democracy and electoral practices.

Researchers: Rory Smead, John Basl, and Ronald Sandler

This project analyzes and assesses the extent to which hacktivism is a form of civil disobedience and what it implies for its justifiability.

Researcher: Candice Delmas

This project aims to develop methods for employing machine learning in order to promote fairness and justice.

Researchers: Tina Eliassi-Rad and Ronald Sandler

This project concerns how to effectively and responsibly engage in ethics labeling of information technology products and services.

Researchers: Ronald Sandler, John Wihbey, and Kay Mathiesen