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AI & Data Ethics Programming Bootcamp Co-Lead

The graduate researcher will work with program leads to teach an accelerated course on python leading up to basic machine learning skills and interaction with LLMs. They will build on last year's successful syllabus, developing some new assignments and finding existing pedagogical resources to fill gaps when needed. The course operates in a flipped classroom model, so they will co-lead in-person lab sessions 1-2x per week between June 3 and August 2, answering student's programming questions, for a total of approximately 10-12 sessions.

  • Location:

    Boston, on campus

  • Remote Work:


  • Semester:

    Summer 2024


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  • Project Title

    Programming Bootcamp @ AI and Data Ethics Summer Training Program

  • Faculty / Project Lead

    Kathleen Creel

  • Project Description

    The Ethics Institute is running a 9 week summer training program for philosophy graduate students to teach them Ethics in AI. As part of the program, participants learn basic programming in python and experiment with machine learning and large language models. The goal is to introduce participants to machine learning so that they will better understand issues in algorithmic bias and fairness. See this link for more information:

  • Qualifications Necessary

    Experience with programming in python and performing data analysis using scikit-learn or similar packages. Experience with LLMs optional but welcome. Experience with algorithmic fairness/data ethics optional but welcome.

  • Hours per Week

    10 Hour Position