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Assistant Civic Researcher - Child Care x Community-Engaged Research

I am hiring two SGAs to assist with research development activities focused at the intersection of (1) community-engaged research and (2) child care policy and practice.

One SGA will (a) develop a cross-discipline literature review focused on community-engaged scholarship and (b) document and curate an online library of civic-university resources for community-engaged scholars. The SGA will start with foundations for each of these pieces that are already started, and will further develop these pieces to be used and consumed by a general public audience. The literature review may serve as the basis for a publishable paper.

The other SGA will (a) curate a library of recent child care policy-relevant research and resources for those in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and (b) develop a proposal for broad dissemination of this research using available channels. The work will be complementary to the needs of the Early Childhood Agenda ( work groups. The proposal will then be considered by the wider community of child care policy actors in the Commonwealth for implementation during SY24-25.

  • Location:

    Boston, hybrid (on campus and remote)

  • Semester:

    Summer 2024


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  • Project Title

    Child Care x Community-Engaged Research

  • Faculty / Project Lead

    Kimberly Lucas

  • Project Description

    The NU-Wellesley Child Care Policy Lab is a cross-institutional research, policy, and practice lab. Projects that surface as part of the lab all use elements of research, data, or design to create meaningful deliverables for project partners. All projects serve as innovation test beds for ideas, meaning that they are meant to seed future action, rather than catalyze a huge project. This summer the Child Care Policy Lab will develop an infrastructure foundation (e.g., literature review that justifies the inter-disciplinary nature of community-engaged research, online resource library, online research library, and dissemination plan) that the civic innovation, community-engaged research, and child care policy communities can all begin to access to support future and further projects. Two current projects (the current Family Child Care New Entrant study and a future United Way Evaluation) will directly inform the development of the online research library and dissemination plan, and the literature review and online resource library will support any future outputs based on this work and others.

  • Qualifications Necessary

    SGAs with an interest in child care or education policy are strongly encouraged. In addition, SGAs with an interest in understanding how research, data, or design can be practically used by policymakers, advocates, and practitioners are strongly encouraged. SGAs should know how to conduct a thorough literature review, and should be adept at using reference software (Mendeley, Zotero, etc.).

  • Hours per Week

    20 Hour Position