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Graduate Research Assistant - Qualitative Evaluation of the “Connecticut Model”

The SGA assistantship offers an opportunity for a graduate student to dive into research on the critical issue of racial disparities in policing. The assistant will be part of a team assessing the “Connecticut Model's” effectiveness in reducing racial disparities in traffic stops. As part of the research team, the assistant will contribute to qualitative analyses, including conducting interviews with key stakeholders—ranging from advisory board members to law enforcement officials and community groups— and synthesizing these insights to understand stakeholders’ views on the effectiveness of the model and identify areas for improvement. In addition to advancing the assistant's research skills, this hands-on experience could potentially lead to a publication opportunity.

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  • Semester:

    Summer 2024


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  • Project Title

    Qualitative Evaluation of the “Connecticut Model”

  • Faculty / Project Lead

    Ermus St. Louis

  • Project Description

    This study is the qualitative component of a larger project evaluating the Connecticut Model, a relatively new approach to addressing racial disparities in police traffic stops. This qualitative component of the project aims to explore stakeholder perceptions about the implementation and effectiveness of the model. Using semi-structured interviews with advisory board members, law enforcement officials, and community participants, the project ultimately seeks to understand the qualitative dimensions that underlie the model's quantitative outcomes.

  • Qualifications Necessary

    Experience in qualitative research methods, including designing interview guides and conducting interviews. Experience in handling and analyzing/interpreting qualitative data with NVivo or Atlas.ti. Ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently, meet deadlines, and work collaboratively within a research team. This project involves minimal traveling.

  • Hours per Week

    20 Hour Position