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Local officials react, police increase security following attack in Israel

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Aerial view of the Hamas attacks. Smoke rises up from the ground.

NBC Boston, October 2023

The only flight that arrived in Boston from Israel on Sunday landed this morning and people are talking about their experience after the unprecedented attack on Saturday. In the assault, Hamas militants launched more than 3,500 rockets and stormed the Gaza Strip, killing hundreds and abducting others. The deadliest attack on Israel in decades Saturday prompted the country’s prime minister to declare war with Palestine.

The surprise attack left Israel’s army scrambling as Hamas gunmen rolled into more than 20 communities as far as 15 miles from the border. President Joe Biden unequivocally condemned the assault, making known that the U.S. stands ready to support Israel. Police in Newton, Massachusetts and in Sharon, Massachusetts, are increasing patrols in certain parts of its community following news of the attack.

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