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Northeastern co-ops chase justice, take to the stand during time in U.S. Attorney’s Office

08/29/23 - BOSTON, MA. - Samantha Hamburg, who studies criminal justice, poses for a portrait on Tuesday Aug. 29, 2023. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University
Headshots of Samantha Hamburg (left), a third year criminal justice student, and Sandy Alcantara (right), a third year criminal justice and business administration student.

Testifying in a federal murder trial wasn’t on Sandy Alcantara’s bucket list, but thanks to her Northeastern University co-op she found herself taking the stand.

Alcantara, a third-year criminal justice and business administration student, had been working for a few months in the violent and organized crime bureau of the U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York when a paralegal texted her, “I have a surprise for you, and it’s not a cookie.”

“She said, ‘Would you want to testify?’ and I was like, ‘Yes, of course I would,’” Alcantara recalls. As a summary witness, Alcantara was tasked with confirming that several security videos of a Washington Heights robbery and homicide corroborated one another, providing factual standing for the U.S. attorney’s case. Although she was nervous walking into the courtroom, as soon as she took to the stand, the preparation she had done and knowledge she had accumulated during her time in the office kicked in.

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