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Northeastern professor’s new novel explores civil rights-era cold case

by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University
11/08/22 - BOSTON, MA. - Northeastern professor Michael Meltsner’s most recent book, “Mosaic: Who paid for the Bullet?” on Nov. 8, 2022. Photo

It isn’t every day that a medical historian and law professor calls you about a cold case you worked on nearly 60 years ago. For professor Michael Meltsner, that call led into the Northeastern archives, and ultimately to a new book.

Meltsner is the George J. and Kathleen Waters Matthews Distinguished University Professor of Law at Northeastern University, and his new novel, “Mosaic: Who Paid for the Bullet?” dramatizes the investigation of a murdered doctor in the Jim Crow-era South of the 1960s. Meltsner’s second novel, “Mosaic” follows Christopher North, a fictional lawyer who traces the killing to the highest centers of power. But the novel’s inciting incident comes from a case Meltsner had a professional investment with in the 1960s.

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