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2023 HASTAC Scholars Opportunity

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The NULab is happy to announce that we will again support a cohort of HASTAC Scholars for 2023–2025 Current Northeastern students are eligible to apply. If you’d like to apply, submit the details requested below by September 29. Note that the application on the HASTAC site itself is not yet active—it should be available soon.

The HASTAC Scholars Program began in 2008 with a small pilot program, and has proven to be an amazingly energetic and successful program. Each scholar receives a small fellowship for their contribution, funded by their home institution. Previous Scholars have seen that being part of the program meant they would:

  • Participate in our annual University Worth Fighting For series—online or in person
  • Blog about your own work and research projects, questions, ideas
  • Report on activities at your local institution and department
  • Share insights from conferences and performances
  • Network both online and at local meet-ups or conferences
  • Conduct interviews, book reviews, project reviews—your status as a HASTAC Scholar can give you a sense of standing to reach out to major people in your field!
  • Are you interested in a new tool or pedagogical idea? You could host a small video chat with other Scholars to work through how you can implement it!
  • Other ideas: Create an app, coordinate the development of a small DH project, work with your university library on a digitization project, etc.
  • In short: every student ends up being active in a different way. We are open to how you want to help build this community or develop a supportive community on your campus!

The NULab will sponsor up to five HASTAC scholars this year. Please email the following to Sarah Connell ( by September 29.

  1. Name
  2. Pronouns
  3. Program/Department/Year in program (e.g., third-year History PhD)
  4. Email Address 
  5. Why are you applying to HASTAC Scholars?
  6. How does your understanding of social justice relate to your academic work? How does this understanding relate to your personal goals?
  7. Describe some of your objectives, skills or accomplishments as they relate to your research interest and/or future career goals.
  8.  How do you plan to participate in HASTAC Scholars? What project would you like to work on? 

Students accepted for funding by the NULab will then need to create HASTAC accounts and apply to the HASTAC Scholars program before their deadline (not yet announced, but likely mid- to late-October). The full application details will be available on the HASTAC Scholars site soon. 

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