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This is a regularly updated collection of datasets, tools, articles, code, and tutorials, including materials for research, classwork, coding practice, and teaching.


One of the most challenging aspects of digital work can be finding an appropriate, useful dataset. We have compiled datasets that are structured and unstructured, numerical and textual.

Digital Projects

These resources include digital project development tools for data visualizations, timelines, map-based presentations, 3D modeling, citation management, coding, and backend website development.

Text Analysis

These resources cover topics including programming languages like R and Python, exploratory scripts of word tokenizations and counts, and topic modeling and word embedding models.


This page has frameworks and guidelines for designing and creating visualizations and working with geographic data for analysis.

Network Science

Network science resources include tutorials, datasets, and other useful links for creating network visualizations and performing network analysis.

Teaching Resources

The latest handouts made for the Digital Integration Teaching Initiative’s in-class visits are available for professors and educators to use in their own courses, or for students to learn more about any of the above tools.