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Digital Integration Teaching Initiative Fall 2020 Call For Partnerships

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The DITI team has closed the formal call for partnerships for fall 2020, but we may still be able to work with those who are interested. Please email Sarah Connell (sa.connell[at]northeastern[dot]edu) for more information. 

The Digital Integration Teaching Initiative (DITI) is now accepting new faculty partnerships for the Summer and Fall 2020 semesters. Northeastern has committed to better teaching our undergraduates the digital tools, skills, and methods that will enable them to be successful in today’s world. The DITI was established to help CSSH faculty to meet this goal. We collaborate with faculty across CSSH disciplines to help integrate digital methods and skills across the curriculum. Since we began last year, we have developed modules with 52 faculty from 14 different departments and programs, reaching around 400 students per semester.

The DITI team is thrilled with the growth of this initiative over the past two years. In order to continue to develop partnerships of high quality with our limited resources, we are diversifying the ways we will work with faculty for Summer and Fall 2020. First, for partnerships that will involve multi-class or semester-long assignments, you will be working closely with DITI members as we have done in the past. Second, DITI is very excited to be collaborating with the Northeastern University Library on partnering with faculty members. Depending on your course’s module, the team may bring on or refer you to library staff experts. Third, if multiple faculty request the same one-day workshop (for example, citation management with Zotero), we may explore ways to offer the workshop to multiple classes at the same time. We appreciate your openness to diverse ways of teaching our students digital literacies.

While we understand that planning for the summer and fall in this particular moment seems overwhelming, we’re here to help. First, all of our modules can be done in person or online—we’re prepared for any scenario and can help you be prepared as well. Second, this moment has reminded us again that inequalities in digital proficiencies affect all of our students. Students who are equipped with digital skills will be better able to adapt to virtual learning in any form that it takes.

Due to current disruptions in teaching and learning, we are extending the timelines for both expressions of interest and consultations:

  • Call for Partnerships: Fill out the DITI call for partnerships survey You do not need to know all the details of your course to fill out the survey.
  • Consultations: Once you fill out the survey, we will contact you to schedule a consultation, where we will discuss the details of your course and develop a partnership plan.
  • Potential Referrals: Depending on the learning and module objectives, we will work with you to decide what type of partnership will work best to meet your needs, which may mean working with people outside DITI.

You can learn more about this program at our website:, where you will find information on how the initiative has progressed, view various sample courses, and read our faculty guidelines.

And, if you have questions at all, please contact Sarah Connell (sa.connell[at]northeastern[dot]edu), DITI Co-Director.

We hope to hear from you!

The DITI Team

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