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Announcing the NULab’s Fall 2022 Seedling and Travel Grant Recipients

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Announcing the NULab’s Fall 2022 Seedling and Travel Grant Recipients

The NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks is happy to announce the recipients of the Fall 2022 Seedling and Travel Grants. Seedling grants support pilot research to begin a longer-term research project. These grants have funded research assistantships, data sets needed for research, access to tools and software, and travel costs for meetings that initiate, or further, a research project.

The recipients of the Fall 2022 NULab Seedling and Travel Grants are as follows:

Seedling grants:

  • Zobeida Chaffe-Valdes, History: “Building Up the Bay: A Digital Archive”
  • Lawrence Evalyn, English: “Ignatius Sancho’s Subscribers”
  • Tienna Graphenreed, English: “Mapping a Black Critical Geography in Rhetoric and Writing Studies through The Brownies’ Book: Creating an Annotated Index and Circulation Map to Understand the Rhetoric, Engagement, and Spatial Agency of Children Authors”
  • Peter Maber, London, English: “Mapping the Origins of West End Theatre in London”
  • Isabel Martinez, Sociology and Anthropology: “A Public History of New York City Latinx Comedy”
  • Jessica Parr, History: “Mapping Black Activism, 1700-1860”
  • Juliana Spahr, Oakland, English; Stephanie Young, Oakland, English: “Contemporary Literature’s Vexed Democratization”
  • Seo Eun Yang, Network Science; Yakov Bart, Business; Costas Panagopoulos, Political Science: “Analyzing Social Media Images used in Political Communication”

Travel grants:

  • Ana Abraham, Political Science: “Quantifying the Rhetoric of Polarization: A Word Embeddings Approach to the American Ideological Divide” at the Southern Political Science Association 2023 conference

If you are interested in the NULab grants program, see the most recent CFP and look for the spring call for proposals in February 2023. See here for a full set of supported projects.

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