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NULab Faculty John Wihbey Interviewed on AI and Epistemic Risk

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NULab faculty John Wihbey was recently interviewed by Justin Hendrix, CEO and Editor of Tech Policy Press, about AI and epistemic risk. The primary question leading the discussion was: what are the risks to democracy as AI is incorporated more and more into the systems and platforms we use to find and share information and engage in communication?

Wihbey was interviewed alongside Elise Silva, a postdoctoral associate at the University of Pittsburgh Cyber Institute for Law, Policy, and Security. Wihbey’s recent paper was also descussed, published last month, titled “AI and Epistemic Risk for Democracy: A Coming Crisis of Public Knowledge?

You can read the full transcript of the interview and access the recorded 45-minute interview on the Tech Policy Press website: “AI and Epistemic Risk: A Coming Crisis?

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