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Knowledge Organization and Data Modeling in the Humanities

Knowledge Organization and Data Modeling in the Humanities was a three-day workshop of invited participants, made possible with generous funding from the DFG/NEH Bilateral Digital Humanities Program, and held on March 14–16, 2012 at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. The workshop included presentations, panels, and discussion sessions focusing on questions of data modeling for the humanities. The entire event was videotaped and streamed live to permit virtual participation via Twitter and the video footage has been edited and is available for viewing at the project site. In addition, all of the video footage has been transcribed to permit easier skimming and searching, and we have also created glossaries of names and terminology to help contextualize the proceedings for those unfamiliar with the topic. A summary of the workshop has also been published as a white paper. For more on the project, see the schedule and resources at the Women Writers Project site.

Principal Investigators
Julia Flanders, Director, Digital Scholarship Group, and Faculty, English; Fotis Jannidis, Faculty, University of Würzburg.

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