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NULab Faculty Juliana Spahr Featured in The McGill Daily’s Literature Degree Reading List

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Islay Fraser recently published “Books Required for My Literature Degree That You Should Actually Read: Highlights From ‘Non-Canon’ Reading Lists” in The McGill Daily. Fraser frames this list as one that pushes literary canonical boundaries; is more accessible to a general public readership; and boasts intersectional, dynamic, and beautiful texts. NULab faculty affiliate Juliana Spahr’s poem “Gentle Now, Don’t Add to Heartache” made the list with honorable mention. Fraser writes of Spahr:

“Although not a book, I had to share this poem that I read for two different classes: Literature from the 1800s to Present and Romantic Ecology. This is most definitely one of my favourite poems of all time. There is a natural arc to its story, and the rhythm flows in harmony with the river it describes. Spahr’s narration of our beginning, our connection with the land, and how some of us have ruptured that connection through capitalism and individualism is absolutely beautiful. You’ll also learn some cool names for flora and fauna!”

See the full reading list on The McGill Daily.

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