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NULab Faculty Nabeel Gillani Featured in JSTOR’s Reading List on AI and Education

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JSTOR posted “Artificial Intelligence and Education: A Reading List” on Septemer 8, 2023, and NULab Faculty Nabeel Gillani’s recently published, co-authored article made the top of the list.

This reading list includes eleven papers that cover a variety of AI-related topics, some grappling with the introduction of ChatGPT, others with the historical contexts of AI, and many with the educational applications and impacts of AI. Gillani’s co-authored piece (co-authors include Rebecca Eynon, Catherine Chiabaut, and Kelsey Finkel), entitled “Unpacking the ‘Black Box’ of AI in Education,” was published in 2023 in Educational Technology & Society, and responds to the recent surge of AI controversy by teasing out the nuance of AI, discussing its dual ability to complement and hinder education. In their article, Gillani and colleagues introduce the basic methods and philosophies relating to AI, its advances, its limits, its risks, and its potential applications, particularly in an educational context. The piece concludes with a helpful set of questions that educators can use to guide their approach to AI in their own research and within their practice.

See the full reading list on JSTOR.

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