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NULab Faculty, Staff, and Students Interviewed In New Article in Digital Humanities Quarterly

NULab core faculty Ryan Cordell (associate professor of English), NULab assistant director Sarah Connell, and NULab alum Caroline Klibanoff (a DH certificate recipient who created the Atlas of Southern Memory digital project) were interviewed by digital humanist Mila Oiva (a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Turku in Finland) for Oiva’s new article in Digital Humanities Quarterly. In “The Chili and Honey of Digital Humanities Research: The Facilitation of the Interdisciplinary Transfer of Knowledge in Digital Humanities Centers,” Oiva draws upon interviews with eight digital humanities centers, including the NULab and Northeastern’s Digital Scholarship Group, to demonstrate that interdisciplinary collaboration is “the core idea of DH research.” In addition to the NULab and DSG, the author connected with DH scholars from London, England and Helsinki, Finland.

DH centers such as the NULab are recognized by Oiva as a hub for dynamic collaborations across disciplines; the permanent physical space of centers, and the close proximity of researchers, makes working together more viable. The article gives strong praise to the NULab’s seedling and travel grants; seedling grant recipients formed their projects out of “serendipitous interdisciplinary encounters,” and travel grant recipients share knowledge once they write about their experiences for the NULab blog.

This article is published in the latest issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly, “Lab and Slack: Situated Research Practices in Digital Humanities,” which Oiva also co-edited.

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