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NULab-Affiliated Researcher Alauna Safarpour Analyzes the Midterm Elections for The Washington Post

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The U.S. midterm elections are over, and the relevant polling data could make sense of its results. Alauna Safarpour, NULab-affiliated researcher, and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Lazer Lab, covered several of the elections for The Washington Post, revealing their connection to abortion rights, racism, and other pertinent issues.

In “Women power Hassan to victory in New Hampshire” and “Republican J.D. Vance’s election to Senate fueled by broad appeal across Ohio,” Safarpour looks at the respective exit polling to see the demographic forces at play in both state elections. Stepping back for a broader analysis, Safarpour examines how of abortion rights and racism incentivized voters on a national level in “Abortion looms large for midterm voters” and “Racism viewed as serious problem by majority of voters in early polling.”

As polling data continues to come in, a clearer picture of recent election results could form, both locally and nationally.

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