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DH Hub: Research Gathering Series

Participants at a transcribe-a-thon organized by the DH Hub series. Image credit: NPS/Pollock

Partially supported by a NULab Seedling Grant.

Image credit: Participants at a transcribe-a-thon organized by the DH Hub series. Photo by NPS/Pollock

In December 2018, the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks awarded a Seedling Grant to Northeastern graduate students—in partnership with the Digital Scholarship Group—seeking to connect with other students doing Digital Humanities in Greater Boston. The goals of this series are to foster connections and provide students with resources and opportunities to share their research. During Spring 2019 this group launched with our first event, a Research Potluck, followed by an informal working lunch to discuss organization and resources. After our Spring events, the series evolved into the DH Hub: A Collaborative Community for Graduate Student and Early-Career Researchers and Practitioners with the vision of creating a communication network across institutional and disciplinary boundaries. Members join a community dedicated to sharing research and methods, working together to build digital skill sets, explore professional development opportunities, and discuss methods of digital pedagogy and career aspirations in an informal way. In December 2019, the DH Hub collaborated with the library’s DH Open Office Hours for an “Un-Conference,” where students could informally present DH projects for feedback.

After a successful launch, this program is now being run internally by the NULab and the Digital Scholarship Group.

Those interested in connecting with other graduate students or early career researchers and practitioners doing DH work in Boston can request to join the DH Hub Slack channel: For more information, email: bos.dh.hub[at]gmail[dot]com.

Principal Investigators
Juniper Johnson, a second-year Ph.D. student in English and the 2019-2020 NULab Coordinator; Mahala Nyberg, an alum of the Public History MA program and the 2019-2020 DSG Coordinator; Megan Barney, an alum of the Public History MA program and 2018-2019 DSG Coordinator.

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