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This page has frameworks and guidelines for designing and creating visualizations and working with geographic data for analysis.

Tools and Tutorials

  • Northeastern Library Subject Guide – Guides to using spatial datasets, GIS, and other visualization software. Curated by the Northeastern Library Senior Data Analyst Bahare Sanaie-Movahed.
  • QGIS Tutorials – A collection of tutorials for using the open-source GIS software QGIS from basic introductions to advanced tools. Written by Ujaval Gandhi.
  • Carto – A proprietary web spatial analysis and mapping platform with free student trials. See Becoming a Spatial Data Scientist, an E-book guide on how to use Carto mapping software, to learn more.
  • Open Source GIS Tools – Links to free, open-source GIS software like Teach GIS, GRASS, and Quantum GIS, among many others.
  • SketchUp – 3D Modelling Software for Architecture, Interior Design, and Spatial Visualizations.