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Credit: Clare Nelson

Grant Participants: Sarah Connell, Elizabeth Dillon, Julia Flanders, Jessica Linker, Angel Nieves, K.J. Rawson

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This Zotero library was created by Research Assistant Clare Nelson as part of a Mutual Mentoring Advancement grant. M2AP focuses on individual faculty-designed mutual mentoring initiatives with self-defined goals, which offer faculty members an opportunity to create a mentoring experience that involves groups of peers, near peers, and senior colleagues from within and/or outside Northeastern.

This Zotero library contains a wide variety of resources that relate directly to and/or could be useful for mentoring students in the digital humanities. Each entry contains the following metadata as available and relevant: item type, title, author(s), date(s), abstract, and URL along with accessed, added, and modified dates. Below is a summary of the library’s contents and organization.

Articles, Blogs, Essays, Docs

This section includes a variety of short pieces, on a range of topics that include DH pedagogy, digital literacies, curriculum development, current research, alternative credentialing, and community collaboration.


Topics and titles that can be found within the books category include critical digital pedagogy, alternative credentialing, foundational skills and principles, humanities training beyond academia, and pedagogical strategies.

Conferences and Events

Topics that can be found within the conferences and events category include gaming, DH pedagogy, DH in interpretive settings, museums and historic sites, and promoting DH.


This category includes grants for and received by institutions engaged in work in the digital humanities.


This section includes journals that focus on several key topics in DH: critical digital pedagogy, social and civil uses of tech in education, DH scholarship, digital preservation, re-centering pedagogy in discussions of tech in higher ed, digital art history, and cultural analytics.


Each of these organizations offer valuable resources; the organizations include digital humanities centers as well as historical and cultural heritage institutions, university centers, and organizations focused on K-12 education.


This category includes three types of resources: university/college DH programs, the Praxis Network, and supporting documents created by grant Research Assistant Clare Nelson. The abstract of each university program includes the name of the university and key words and phrases from the program’s mission statement. The supporting documents contain information relating to mission statements/about sections and a breakdown of institutions’ initiatives as row and column data.

The tagging system includes both key components/focuses of the programs (i.e. global digital humanities, department/library affiliation, spatial humanities, etc.) and research focuses. Research focuses are indicated by “project:” followed by the topic/subject.

Websites and Wikis

Each of these websites and wikis offer resources that will be valuable to those practicing DH. These include materials on rethinking approaches to higher education, suggested readings, resources for K-12 education, events lists, and guides to tools and platforms.

We hope that these resources will be helpful to many in the DH community!