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Announcing the NULab’s Spring 2022 Seedling and Travel Grant Recipients

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The NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks is happy to announce the recipients of the spring 2022 Seedling and Travel Grants. Seedling grants support pilot research to begin a longer-term research project. These grants have funded research assistantships, data sets needed for research, access to tools and software, and travel costs for meetings that initiate, or further, a research project.

The recipients of the Spring 2022 NULab Seedling and Travel Grants are as follows:

Seedling grants:

  • Brian Ball, NCH London, Philosophy; Alexandros Koliousis, NCH London, Computer and Data Science; and Jason Radford, Network Science: “Simulating Epistemic Injustice”
  • Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, English: “Exploring GPT3 Training for ‘Black’ Neural-Network Text Generation”
  • Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, English: “Mapping the Early Caribbean in Boston”
  • Kasya O’Connor Grant, History: “Power’s Inversions”
  • Hunter Moskowitz, History: “Mexican Textile Factories 1843–1857”
  • Kendra Lange, Network Science: “The Paradox of Hate Speech”

Travel grants:

  • Galen Bunting, English: T.S. Eliot Summer School, “Global Eliot” seminar
  • Adina Gitomer, Network Science: “The speech we miss: (Re)examining young peoples’ participation in U.S. presidential election discourse” at the International Communication Association conference (ICA)
  • Kendra Lange, Network Science: “A Meta-Study of Multimodal Team Research” at ICA
  • Alexi Quintana Mathé, Network Science: “Who follows Whom on Twitter: The role of geography and ideology” at the International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2s2)
  • Emre Tapan, Political Science: “A Populist anti-Americanism? A Snapshot of Turkish Public Opinion through Social Media” and “Twitter Opinion Barometer on Turkish-American Relations” at IC2s2
  • Giulia Taurino, Experiential AI Postdoctoral Fellow: “Anticipatory Techniques for Broken Futures. A methodathon on critical algorithm design” at Anticipation 2022

If you are interested in the NULab grants program, see the most recent CFP and look for the fall call for proposals in October 2022. See here for a full set of supported projects.

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