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Example code from "XM-LGBT" by Abbie Levesque DeCamp.
An example of the code from the XM-LGBT project.

Partially supported by a NULab Seedling Grant.

XM<LGBT/> seeks to build a qualitative coding system that thinks more deeply about LGBTQ+ people and about queer theory, forefronting these methods and ways of thinking. This project began in 2016 as part of project lead Abbie Levesque’s Master’s thesis on LGBTQ+ writing center tutors. Using RELAX NG, XSLT, and XML, this project seeks to explore what it means for a tool to align with a queer methodology. One of Levesque’s goals was to “bridge the worlds of DH and Rhetoric and Composition.”

Principal Investigator
Abbie Levesque DeCamp, Graduate Student, English

Publications and Conferences

“XM<LGBT/>: A Schema for Encoding Queer Identities in Qualitative Research.” Computers and Composition. Volume 55, March 2020.

Abbie Levesque, “Digital Scholarship Incubator Reflections: Abbie Levesque,” September 15, 2017,

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