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Brook Wilensky-Lanford

Program Coordinator, Sacred Writes

Wilensky-Lanford is Program Coordinator for Sacred Writes and a freelance writer and editor. A member of the 2021 Sacred Writes training cohort, she is a historian of race, religion and literature in the “Long Reconstruction,” and also obsessed with narrative, liberalism, and utopias. Brook is a contributor to The God Beat: What Journalism Says About Faith and Why It Matters (Broadleaf Books, 2021), and the author of Paradise Lust: Searching for the Garden of Eden (Grove Press, 2011). A former editor-in-chief of Killing the Buddha, her public scholarship has appeared in Religion Dispatches, Religion and Politics, The Guardian, The Boston Globe, and The New York Times Book Review, among others. She has a PhD in Religion in the Americas from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MFA in Nonfiction Writing from Columbia University. Follow her on Twitter at @modmyth.