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In addition to general college funding available to help support unpaid co-ops, CSSH also has donor funding that apply to specific co-op opportunities as described below. Preference will be given to students with demonstrated financial need according to the criteria set by Student Financial Services.
Students that meet the criteria for the fund below may mark themselves for consideration when applying for unpaid co-op funding:

Application for CSSH Unpaid or Low Paid/Stipend Co-op Funding

NOTE:  If you wish to apply for the award described below, please include information on all of the criteria for the award in which you are interested in your short essay answer on your application. 

The Dukakis Fund

  • For undergraduate candidates only.
  • The donors prefer that the Co-op be with the MA State Legislature, where Governor Dukakis started his political career, but other state legislative bodies will also be considered.

The Lora Giampetruzzi Co-op Fund is unavailable for the Summer 2/Fall 24 Cycle.

The deadline for all funding applications for Summer 2/Fall 2024 is Tuesday, May 28th.