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The High-Carbon Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

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The 2024 Super Bowl was the most watched television event in history with over 123 million viewers. Many eyes watching were trained on Taylor Swift as she made the journey from Tokyo to Las Vegas in a highly scrutinized flight on a private jet.

Last week, Swift threatened legal action against a Florida student who’s been tracking the jet travel of the rich and famous. But the pop star wasn’t the only one who made an exclusive airborne trip that weekend. A total of 882 private planes flew into Las Vegas during and just before Super Bowl Sunday.

The pandemic did a lot to widen the country’s wealth gap. The rich became richer and their carbon footprints became bigger. One report found the world’s richest 10 percent make up for 50 percent of the global emissions through investments, personal consumptions, and other means.

We talk about personal responsibility, climate change, the rules for the rich, and more.

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