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Urban Informatics: Using Big Data to Understand and Serve Communities | Dan O’Brien

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Daniel O’Brien, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and Criminology and Criminal Justice; Director, Boston Area Research Initiative; Director, PhD in Public Policy Program

Urban Informatics: Using Big Data to Understand and Serve Communities introduces the reader to the tools of data management, analysis, and manipulation using R statistical software. Designed for undergraduate and above level courses, this book is an ideal onramp for the study of urban informatics and how to translate novel data sets into new insights and practical tools.

The book follows a unique pedagogical approach developed by the author to enable students to build skills by pursuing projects that inspire and motivate them. Each chapter has an Exploratory Data Assignment that prompts readers to practice their new skills on a data set of their choice. These assignments guide readers through the process of becoming familiar with the contents of a novel data set and communicating meaningful insights from the data to others.

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