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US officials take initial steps to seize Donald Trump properties

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The National, March 2024

Judgements were filed by the attorney general Letitia James earlier this month, the first indication that the state is preparing to try to seize the Trump National Golf Course and the former president’s estate north of Manhattan, known as Seven Springs. Entering a judgment would be the first step a creditor would take to attempt to recover property. Additional steps, such as putting liens on assets or moving to foreclose on properties, or taking other actions in court would follow, if the asset is going to be seized.

The judgment is already entered in New York City where Trump’s properties including Trump Tower, his penthouse at Trump Tower, 40 Wall Street, his hotel abutting Central Park, and numerous apartment buildings are located. Trump and his two eldest sons were all barred from doing business in New York for two to three years in a fraud ruling which also saw the Republican presidential candidate ordered to pay a staggering $464 million (£363m).

However, Trump’s lawyers have said it is a “practical impossibility” for him to secure a bond for the cash and he has indicated he plans to appeal the ruling. However, in order to do so he must deposit the full amount with the court.

If Trump still has not found the money by March 25, James could begin seizing some of his assets including the two Scottish golf courses he owns – Trump International Golf Links Scotland Aberdeen and Trump International Golf Links Scotland Turnberry. According to a document reported by Newsweek, the properties that could be seized alongside the Scottish courses include Trump’s famous Mar-a-Lago Florida estate and Trump Tower in New York.

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