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What I wish I’d known: Northeastern students offer advice to incoming freshmen

Left to right: Aaron Calpo, Sasheen Joseph, Alexis Hooks, Valeria Vazquez, Brynn Waszmer and Juan Garibay Atef

Some things are best learned the hard way. Such as macroeconomics, baking a soufflé that doesn’t collapse or flicking a drop shot in pickleball — these are things you can’t know until you’ve worked through them. But other things in life can be hacked.

For freshmen making their college debuts, your elders at Northeastern want you to learn a few lessons the easy way. When to acclimate to your new surroundings, for example. Or how to keep up academically. Or whether to join that club or organization that’s intriguing (even if you aren’t quite sure).

We asked a variety of experienced Northeastern students, “What is something you wished you’d known as a freshman?” Here are their answers. 

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