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Why I love studying Spanish

Hello! I’m Hannah, a fifth year International Affairs and Spanish student at Northeastern. I’m currently studying abroad in Barcelona and now I never want to leave. When I graduate, I plan on spending a couple of months in South America to teach English as a second language, and later on get certified to teach ESL for kindergarten through third grade in the States. I was one of the eight people originally inducted into the organization, and I’m so happy to see how it has grown in just one semester.  I fell in love with  the Spanish language years ago and I’m happy to have the opportunity to serve on Sigma Delta Pi’s National Board, because this way I can share my appreciation of different hispanic cultures and their language and diverse dialects. On the board, we discuss different ways to spread awareness and appreciation on campuses and encourage Spanish as a field of study – by 2050 the US will have more Spanish speakers than any other country! I look forward to hopefully participating in the convention for Sigma Delta Pi next summer in Puerto Rico and continuing to support the organization and keep learning Spanish.

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