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14 mass shootings tallied in US over Memorial Day weekend, data shows

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New York Post, June 2022

Investigators believe multiple shooters opened fire with several weapons, authorities told WTXF. In Benton Harbor, Michigan, one person was killed and six others wounded when gunfire broke out near a liquor store early Monday. Marlon Tyree Bowman, 19, died at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds to his chest, WNDU reported. Another seven people were injured on Sunday in Henderson, Nevada, when bikers with the Hells Angels, the Vagos and the Outlaws got into a shootout on a highway just 17 miles from Las Vegas, police said.

The first mass shooting of the holiday weekend took place a day earlier in Memphis, Tennessee, where four people were wounded, according to the Gun Violence Archive, which defines such incidents as at least four people being shot or killed excluding the shooter. All told throughout the US, five mass shootings occurred on Saturday, followed by seven on Sunday and another two on Monday, according to Gun Violence Archive data. At least 17 mass shootings have been tallied throughout the US in the week since the Uvalde bloodbath, GVA data shows. During that time there have been various calls for gun control.

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