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Financial Aid for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Tuition and fees are available on the Student Financial Services website, under “Billing and Payments.” Northeastern University’s Student Financial Services offer expert advice and personalized support about grants, scholarships, loans, and work study. Visit their website for information, tools, and resources for applying to receive financial aid.

Eligibility to receive Federal Financial Aid may require a minimum enrollment. Be sure to discuss the terms of your aid with your SFS counselor and plan your curriculum accordingly.

CSSH Graduate Fellowships, Assistantships and Scholarships

CSSH fellowships, assistantships, and scholarships are awarded to full-time degree candidates through the Graduate Office, at the recommendation of its departments.

Questions about CSSH assistantships and scholarships may be directed to the CSSH Graduate Office (

Assistantships for Doctoral Degree Students

All admitted PhDs are awarded Stipended Graduate Assistantships (SGA). These awards offer a stipend, tuition remission and the NUSHP health plan to full-time students. Student fees, including the University Health and Counseling Services fee, are not covered by the assistantship. In order to maintain awards, students must be making satisfactory progress toward their degrees. More details about assistantships are included in the admissions offer letters.

The Experiential PhD

The experiential PhD gives doctoral students opportunities to collaborate with, and work in, arts and education organizations, local and state agencies, non-profits and businesses in the Boston area and beyond. Experiential Fellows and Summer Scholars receive the same benefits as the Stipended Graduate Assistantship.

Scholarships for Master’s Degree Students

All eligible applicants admitted to the CSSH master’s programs are considered for Tuition Scholarships. All scholarships are offered for the duration of the program and can substantially reduce the cost of the degree. Tuition Scholarships are awarded through the CSSH Graduate Office, at the recommendation of its departments.

University Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships

Information about various fellowships, grants, and scholarships can be found on Northeastern University’s Office of Fellowships website. This office also assists students with finding and applying to prestigious fellowships.

Select Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships

The Double Husky Scholarship program provides all alumni with a bachelor’s or master’s degree from Northeastern a tuition discount of up to 25% when they enroll in an eligible master’s degree program.

The Full Circle Scholarship offers a 25% tuition discount to graduate students in eligible degree programs who embody Northeastern University’s values of experiential and global learning.

If admitted, those applying through a Fulbright agency, such as IIE or Amideast, are awarded a 100% tuition discount as part of the admissions process.

Parents and siblings of currently enrolled full-time, undergraduate day students receive a 25% discount through the Parent and Family Scholarship.

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Graduate Fellowship Program provides up to nine graduate student scholarships each year, covering full tuition and fees (insurance is not included) for the student’s graduate program. The Program is administered by the John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute.

We are committed to ensuring success in each and every one of our students, especially those who have served and fought for our country. In honor and recognition of your service, Northeastern University commits to supporting your educational and career aspirations with dedicated resources, unique and powerful experiential learning opportunities, and funding that bridges the gaps in your military benefits. Learn more here.