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Professor of Cultures, Societies and Global Studies

Research Topics:

  • Caribbean, Latin American, Iberian Studies
  • History of ideas and social institutions
  • Discourse on the human body in theorizing the public sphere
  • Citizenship rights
  • Historical memory
  • Political imaginary in the Atlantic World
  • Racialism and institutional persistence of the concept of race 
    • Coined the neologism of “mulataje” as a practice of thinking and being that, since the 16th Century, has continuously attempted to undo the calculations of racialist ideology and its mechanisms of labor control and social policing. 
    • Reclaimed the term “Usonian” to refer to the peoples, nationalist ideologies and neo-imperial tradition of the United States of America.

Current Research Project:

  • Infortunios de (Misfortunes of) Alonso Ramírez (1690)

Recent News/Publications/Talks:

Affiliated Research Centers:

Past Research Topics:

  • Infortunios de (Misfortunes of) Alonso Ramírez (1690)
  • Caribbean Confederation (19th Century)
  • Racialist ideology and mulataje