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Upcoming Workshops:

Organizer: Sarah Riccardi-Swartz

Time Period: March 22 and 23rd, 2024

Location: RP 909

Information: Radicalism in a variety of formations is on the rise in the United States and around the world. Often, the scholars who study radicalism do so through critical media discourse or political analysis. This workshop draws together leading anthropologists working in and on radicalized communities to talk about how we can reshape the trajectory of, support, and expand anthropological studies of radicalized communities. We intend for this event to be the start of a networked community that we will continue to build and expand in the coming years at Northeastern University, with a specific focus on supporting and mentoring young scholars, graduate students, and early career scholars working on these pressing issues.

Attendance is by invite only.


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Organizers: John Basl, Kathleen Creel, Ronald Sandler

Time Period: June 3 – August 2nd, 2024

Location: RP 310 & 909

Information: This summer school is intended for graduate students with advanced training in applied ethics, ethical theory, philosophy of science, or other areas with potential research applications to AI and big data who would like to develop research capacities in the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI), data ethics, and the philosophy of technology.  Designing AI and machine learning systems to promote human flourishing in just and sustainable ways will require a robust and diverse AI and data ethics research community. However, there are few graduate programs that train students in these areas. The aim of this summer long, in person training program is to supplement resources in students’ home universities with ethical and technical skills necessary to research in this area.

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Organizers: Candice Delmas, Shelbi Nahwilet Meissner, Getty Lustila, Joseph Len Miller

Time Period: June 24th- June 28th, 2024

Location: RP 909

Information: The Northeast Workshop to Learn About Multicultural Philosophy (NEWLAMP) project is a yearly week-long summer workshop that aims to broaden philosophy undergraduate curricula, by equipping professors with the tools required to successfully integrate a traditionally underrepresented area of philosophy in their courses. In June 24-28, 2024, NEWLAMP is an NEH Institute for Higher Education Faculty hosted at Northeastern University, and focused on Native American, Indigenous and Land-Based Philosophy. Four Indigenous philosophers are leading the workshop, which will center on 5 key concepts in Indigenous resistance work: Sovereignty, Land, Decolonization, Indigenous Feminisms, and Cultural Reclamation.

Link to Ethics Institute NEWLAMP 2024 Page

Link to Program Website

Organizers: Sina Fazelpour and Marina DiMarco

Time Period: July 1st to July 12th, 2024.

Location: RP 310

Information: The IDEAS residential summer program will provide an opportunity for undergraduates to spend 2 weeks in Boston to learn from world experts on data science, ethics, computer science, philosophy, law, and more. The program will help the next generation learn how to think critically and systematically about the ethical risks posed by these technologies, and how to responsibly develop AI and data science systems that benefit the many, not only the few.

Link to Program Website.

Organizers: Vance Ricks & Meica Magnani

Time Period: July 21st – July 31st 2024

Location: RP 310

Information: The Summer Training Program on Responsible Computing Education will spread robust, quickly deployable responsible computing education to a more diverse range of schools. For ten days, a cohort of two- person interdisciplinary teams who teach at minority-serving institutions interested in building responsible computing curricula will learn about strategies used at other institutions. The program will provide opportunities to learn, discuss, and exchange educational and institutional know-how. Participants will develop concrete plans for programs suited for their own institutions.

This program is generously funded by the Mozilla Foundation’s Responsible Computing Challenge.

Link to Webpage

Organizers: John Basl, Meica Magnani, Vance Ricks, Matt Kopec, Kevin Mills, Alison Simmons.

Time Period: July 26th and July 27th, 2024

Location: TBA

Information: Tech Ethics eXchange NorthEast (teχnē), a collaboration between Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing at MIT, The Ethics Institute at Northeastern University, and The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Ethics and Embedded EthiCS @ Harvard University, brings together educators and researchers to foster collaboration and exchange on issues related to the ethics and philosophy of computing. The conference aims to showcase foundational and translational research, pedagogy, and practice.

Link to program website

Organizers: Branden Fitelson & Maureen Eckert

Time Period: July 29th to August 2, 2024

Location: RP 909

Information: PIKSI-Boston is an organization that runs philosophy summer schools for under-represented undergraduates from around the US. The Logic Summer School is a 5-day summer school, offered to 11 students and given by leading logicians from all over the country. Undergraduates from underrepresented groups are invited to study logic — five topics over five days, with ten top international instructors —  at Northeastern University for one week in the summer.

Link to Ethics Institute PIKSI-Logic Page 

Link to Program Website 

Upcoming Speaker Events:

Ethics Institute Speaker, Lisa McLeod

Time: Starts at 12pm

Location: Renaissance Park 4th floor common room

Title: “How We Proceed from ‘Here’: Attending to Whiteness as License with Critical Phenomenology”


My forthcoming book, Unveiling the Color Line: W.E.B. Du Bois on the Problem of Whiteness, investigates Du Bois’s conception of whiteness as arrogant, irrevocable license. In this talk I offer a brief sketch of the book, then explain that Du Bois’s portrayal of white epistemic opacity troubles some common accounts of reason and cognition, suggesting that attending to (and overcoming the ills of) whiteness, for white people, may require forms of work articulated by critical phenomenologists.

About the Speaker: Lisa McLeod is a part-time lecturer for the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Northeastern University.

Ethics Institute Speaker, Brian Chambliss

Time: Starts at 12pm

Location:Renaissance Park 4th floor common room

Title: Attention in the Digital Environment

Abstract: Digital videoconferencing technologies (like Zoom) are now an unavoidable part of many people’s lives. And while they have expanded our ability to interact online, these technologies pose challenges to our ability to attend together in the ways that come naturally to many people during face-to-face interactions. This talk will examine one important form of attending together—joint attention—and some challenges that we face in jointly attending in digital environments.

About the Speaker: Brian Chambliss is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Susquehanna University.