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Formal Epistemology Workshop

03/12/20 - BOSTON, MA. - Campus stock on March 12, 2020. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

The Formal Epistemology Workshop 2023 was co-hosted by Northeastern University’s Department of Philosophy and Religion and MIT’s Department of Linguistics and Philosophy

It took place at the Cabral Center, Northeastern University Campus, Boston on 12-14 June 2023.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please email us.

12-14 June 2023

Location: Cabral Center, Northeastern Campus, Boston

Monday, 12-June

9:00-9:30 — Breakfast

9:30-11:15 (Main) — Gabrielle Kerbel, “Expected Accuracy and Educated Guesses,” and comments by Jennifer Carr

11:15-11:130 — Coffee and tea 

11:30-11:45 (Poster) — Saira Khan, “Metatickles and Death in Damascus”

11:45-1:45 — Lunch

1:45-3:30 (Main) — Amirhossein Ajalloeian, “Probabilism Through a Transform: An Improved Accuracy Argument for Probabilism,” and comments by Benjamin Levinstein

3:30-3:45 — Coffee and tea

3:45-5:30 (Main) — Zach Barnett, “Against Risk-Aversion” and comments by Ryan Doody

Tuesday, 13-June

9:00-9:30 — Breakfast

9:30-11:15 (Main) — Ginger Schultheis, “Accurate Updating,” and comments by Pablo Zendejas Medina 

11:15-11:130 — Coffee and tea

11:30-11:45 (Poster) — Somayeh Tohidi, “Stereotypes Destabalise Statistically Grounded Credences”

11:45-1:45 — Lunch

1:45-3:30 (Main) — Mikayla Kelley, “A Contextual Accuracy Dominance Argument for Probabilism,” and comments by Jer Steeger

3:30-3:45 — Coffee and tea

3:45-5:30 (Main) — Hanti Lin, “The Unity of Statistics,” and comments by Roger White

Wednesday, 14-June

9:00-9:30 — Breakfast

9:30-11:15 (Main) — David Thorstad, “The Complexity-Coherence Tradeoff in Cognition,” and comments by Jeremy Goodman

11:15-11:130 — Coffee and tea

11:30-11:45 (Poster) — Shimin Zhao, “Old Evidence and a Causal Analysis of Confirmation”

11:45-1:45 — Lunch

1:45-3:30 (Main) — Weng Kin San, “Evidential Foundations for Probability,” and comments by Kenny Easwaran

3:30-3:45 — Coffee and tea

3:45-5:30 (Main) — Sarah Moss, “A Synthesis View of Counterfactuals,” and comments by Melissa Fusco

  • Kenny Easwaran

Graduate students whose submissions are accepted to the main program will be eligible for funding for accommodation and travel. Those accepted for poster sessions can apply for financial support for accommodation and travel, which may be available. 

 We will also aim to provide additional resources and supports for those hoping to attend who may need or wish to bring their small children.

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