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IDEAS Summer Program

Intelligence, Data, Ethics, and Society (IDEAS) is an in-person summer educational program for undergraduate students interested in deepening their knowledge of the social and ethical dimensions of AI, data science and machine learning, as well as in being part of a diverse and supportive learning and mentoring community.

Northeastern University (Boston, MA)
July 11-15, 2022
UC San Diego (La Jolla, CA)
Early August (exact dates TBA)

AI, data science, and machine learning are increasingly a part of everyday life, and every sector of society. The headlines are filled with examples of AI and data science used for great benefits, but also leading to great harms. The IDEAS residential summer program will provide an opportunity for undergraduates to spend a week in either Boston or San Diego to learn from world experts on data science, ethics, computer science, philosophy, law, and more. The program will help the next generation learn how to think critically and systematically about the ethical risks posed by these technologies, and how to responsibly develop AI and data science systems that benefit the many, not only the few. Topics covered include: values in AI design, justice and fairness, privacy, interpretability and transparency, and broader personal and societal impacts.

We are seeking to foster a rich and diverse community through these programs, including connections with a wide range of two- and four-year educational institutions.

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