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Rosetti Research Group

The Rossetti Research Working Group was founded in Spring 2018 as part of the Rossetti Family Program for the Advancement of the Humanities. This group provides students from all disciplines the opportunity to work closely with faculty in studying topics within the humanities and social sciences. The aim of this group is to facilitate in-depth student projects on ideas and influential thinkers that they may not be exposed to otherwise. Each term the Rossetti Research Group selects a new topic to provide the focus for reading group meetings, student research projects and discussion groups. Research topics will be of interest to students in many disciplines ranging from philosophy to economics to mathematics and the natural sciences. Students from any discipline are encouraged to join the group. If you are interested in joining this group, or have any questions about it, inquiries should be directed to Rory Smead, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Rossetti Professor for the Humanities.

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