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Visiting Researcher

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Daniel Barbarrusa ( is a visiting PhD student from University of Seville (Spain). For his dissertation, “The Internet, echo chambers and conspiranoia: digital challenges through the lens of social epistemology,” he tries to unriddle how the new ways to socialize on the Internet may lead us to form distinct beliefs and theories.

Daniel’s areas of research specialization include philosophy of the Internet, philosophy of agency, social epistemology, and philosophy of conspiracy theories.

  • Working Paper: Conspiracy theories and epistemic injustice. Three harms to consider. [With Lola M. Vizuete]
  • Working Paper: Resistance strategies. The (possible) bright side of online epistemic bubbles. [With Lola M. Vizuete]
  • Working Paper: Let’s talk about Conspiranoia: Leaving behind the demarcation debate.

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    Ph.D. student, University of Seville (Spain)

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    405 Renaissance Park