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Headshot of Jung Lee

Associate Professor of Religious Studies; Undergraduate Program Director (Religious Studies)

Jung Lee is an associate professor of religious studies at Northeastern University. He received his B.A. from Amherst College, and his Ph.D. from Brown University in religious studies. Professor Lee teaches and publishes in the areas of religious ethics, comparative ethics, East Asian religions, and the philosophy of religion. His recent publications include The Ethical Foundations of Early Daoism: Zhuangzi’s Unique Moral Vision (Palgrave, 2014); “Comparative Religious Ethics among the Ruins,” in the Journal of Religious Ethics (2014); and The Dalit Women of Nepal: Strategies of Resistance (Routledge, 2015). Professor Lee’s current research includes work on modes of rhetoric in early Daoism, method in comparative religious ethics, and the normative sources of early Chinese thinkers.

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    Ph.D., Religious Studies
    Brown University

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    405 Renaissance Park
    360 Huntington Avenue
    Boston, MA 02115


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