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Philosophy and Religion

Meica Danielle Magnani

Assistant Teaching Professor of Philosophy and Computer Science

Meica Magnani is an assistant teaching professor at Northeastern University, holding a joint appointment with the College of Social Sciences and Humanities and Khoury College of Computer Sciences. Her main line of research spans the areas of moral, social and political, and feminist philosophy. Magnani is concerned with the relationship between rational agency, autonomy, and the social and technological structures that organize human activity. In her work, she uses Kantian practical philosophy, informed by feminist, political, and social thought, to examine moral and political problems, such as social injustice and oppression, that arise from our embedded nature.

Before joining Northeastern, Magnani was a postdoctoral fellow in the philosophy department at Harvard University, where she worked with Embedded EthiCS @ Harvard–a team of philosophers and computer scientists who integrate ethical reasoning into computer science curriculum. She received her doctorate in philosophy from Stanford University in 2019.

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  • Education

    Ph.D., 2019, Philosophy, Stanford University

  • Address

    430 Renaissance Park
    360 Huntington Ave
    Boston, MA 02115